Lab Personnel

Mary Davis

Principle Investigator, Assistant Professor Microbiology and Molecular Biology
Home Town: Santa Clara, UT
Personal Interests: Reading, chocolate, board games

Rebecca Barr

Undergraduate Student
Home Town: Elk Grove, California
Major: Medical Laboratory Science
Personal Interests: Cross Stitching, Reading, Ultimate Frisbee, Cooking/Baking, Yoga
Research Area: Microbiology

Vera Mayhew

Undergraduate Student
Home Town: Tokyo, Japan
Major: Genetics and Biology
Personal Interests: Long distance running and rock climbing
Research Area: Also work in the Poole Lab on factors influencing systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) development and mechanisms of the pathology. Currently researching link between SLE and hematological cancers.

Matt Durrant

Undergraduate Student
Home Town: Sandy, Utah
Major: Bioinformatics and Neurosciences
Personal Interests: I enjoy running, hiking, spending time with my wife and family, and entrepreneurship.
Research Area: My research interests include genome-wide association studies, analysis of next-generation sequencing data, clinical genetics, transcriptomics, evolutionary biology, and the study of autoimmune diseases. I am currently researching the relationship between elevated BMI and genetic risk factors associated with Multiple Sclerosis.

Mackenzie Olsen

Undergraduate Student
Home Town: Lethbridge, Alberta
Major: Medical Laboratory Science
Personal Interests: Basketball, highland dancing, wake surfing, wake boarding, card games
Research Area: Microphenotype categories, co-morbidity EMR correlation

Scott Frodsham

Undergraduate Student
Home Town: Cedar Falls, IA
Major: Bioinformatics
Personal Interests: Running, reading books, rock climbing, hiking, babysitting nieces and nephews
Research Area: Comorbidities of Multiple Sclerosis

Cannon Gardner

Undergraduate Student
Home Town: Sammamish, Washington
Major: Genetics, Genomics, and Biotechnology
Personal Interests: Cooking, Fishing, Golfing, Soccer, Lacrosse, Puppies, and Traveling
Research Area: Human Geneticis

Virginia Rodriguez

Undergraduate Student
Home Town: Sacramento, CA
Major: PDBIO
Personal Interests: Reading, board games, sports, playing bassoon, and shopping
Research Area: Microbiology and Genetics


Tielle Gallion

Home Town: Springfield, MO
Major: Medical Laboratory Science
Personal Interests: Good food! Baking, cooking, family time, and reading
Job: Medical Technologist at DRMC, St. George